Of Course A Rolls-Royce Owner Would Put 1,300 Swarovski Crystals On His Wheels

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Because why not, right?

This video comes to us courtesy of Grand-Est-Supercars and features a sight that's becoming more and more common: Swarovski crystals on cars. We've seen these crystals on everything from a Mercedes-Benz CLS to a Pontiac Firebird, so this isn't exactly a new trend. That being said the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is supposed to be a classy car, as in one not covered or even featuring these gaudy crystals. That's not the case here. This Phantom reportedly has 1,296 Swarovski crystals per wheel.

If you're into luxury (this custom job is said to cost $20,000) and ridiculous custom jobs then this walkaround video is for you. If you like to laugh at people with more money than taste, well then this video is also for you.

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