Of Course Jeremy Clarkson Will Offend People On Christmas

Motoring TV

Wouldn't be a Merry Christmas if he didn't.

To say that Jeremy Clarkson has never offended individuals, religions, or entire countries wouldn’t be true. He has. Many times. It got him into trouble with his previous employer, the BBC, as we all know. But now that he and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May have moved to Amazon Prime to star in The Grand Tour, Clarkson can get away with nearly anything he wants. Controversy is good for viewership.

During this week’s episode of The Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond and May each take a turn to show how they decorated a Christmas tree with lights. Hammond and May go with automotive themes which is appropriate and expected. Clarkson mixed up holidays.

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Thinking Easter is Christmas (or Christmas is Easter), Clarkson opted for a giant lit cross on top of the tree, instead of a star. Why? “It’s the baby Jesus.” Or rather, as May points out, “It’s the baby Jesus not the dead Jesus.” Wouldn’t be a proper holiday season without Clarkson being offensive somehow. This latest method is actually quite tame, given previous offenses. Just ask Argentina. Or Mexico. Or baby Jesus believers in general.