Of Course The Guy Who Designed The 2005 Ford GT Drives A Ford GT

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Prepare for some engine-gasms.

Ford GT fans more than likely know of Camilo Pardo, who recently worked with Petrolicious to produce this video. Owners almost certainly do, and for good reason: he's the guy who designed the 2005-2006 GT. Only a little over 4,000 examples of the supercharged 5.4-liter V8 supercar were built, and today regularly command high prices at auction or through private sellers. It makes sense that Pardo owns and drives one of those GTs, but you probably didn't know that he's owned a total of six over the years, each one being somehow unique.

Because he's an artist as well as a car designer, Pardo's been involved with several special edition GTs for owners, and his current GT features a livery design all his own. Painted silver, black, and orange, the car is an absolute stunner. And that engine sound. Oh, God. That sound.

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Hearing the rumble of 550 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque is, shall we say, bathroom break worthy. Pardo began working at Ford in the mid-80s and worked his up to leading the SVT Studio, and the GT was his dream project. As is the case with many projects, Pardo was aware the suits could pull funding during the GT's development. "As we approached the auto show (Detroit, 2002), they cancelled the production car. It was disappointing. My goal was to do a concept vehicle that really looked like a production car that could maybe some way talk everybody to put it back on for production." Obviously that concept was such a massive hit that Ford execs changed their minds, and the rest is history.

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