Off-Road Desert Drifting Isn't A Problem For The Tesla Model X

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Nothing like getting a $100k SUV a bit dirty.

Most people paying upwards of $100,000 for a new Tesla Model X wouldn't dare take it off-road. Who knows what could happen to the all-electric SUV? It might even get a bit dirty. Such is the mentality of the many rich suburbanites and big city dwellers who drive a Model X simply for appearance sake. And then there are those who drive their cars, no matter how much they cost, to the full extent of their engineering capabilities. Take these guys, for example.

The Tesla Owners Club of Saudi Arabia has produced this cool video clip of a Model X doing some off-road drifting in the Arabian Desert. It's a known fact among off-road enthusiast that Saudi Arabia is home to some of the world's best desert drifting hot spots (no pun intended).

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Some Saudis have proven themselves to be fearless with their insane two-wheel driving stunts. But in the case of the Model X, its heavy battery pack (with a low center of gravity) helps to keep it firmly planted on the sand dunes. All-wheel drive most definitely comes in handy, too. So it's cool to see at least some Model X owners taking a chance and allowing the pricey SUV to get a little sandy. Not a bad way at all to demonstrate that EV SUVs could probably delight even the most hardcore off-road fans.

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