Off-Road Racer Qt TDv6 Diesel Wildcat Launched

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UK-based Qt Services has launched its high-performance off-road racer at the Autosport International.

At the Autosport International show, Qt Services, based in Plymouth, UK, has announced the launch of the TDv6 Diesel Wildcat, their latest high-performance off-road racer. Based on the Land Rover Discovery 4, under the hood lies a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine, which according to Qt's managing director Dave Marsh "exceeded our expectations." The car delivers "316hp and 513lb-ft of torque, it produces more than enough power to deal with the toughest off road conditions in the world."

The company has been developing Wildcat models for the last four years and the new TDv6 includes a close-ration straight-cut gearbox, revised steering for easier control over long distances, and also boasts vastly improved control and traction over a standard Land Rover Discovery chassis due to 60mm Donerre lithium fast rebound dampers. Qt has confirmed that two new vehicles will compete in the Tuareg Rally, which is scheduled to start in Spain in March, but there's no word on price. Doubtless the race-spec Wildcats will command a significant premium over standard models.

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