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Off-Road Russian Hummer Concept Looks Like A Beast


Just the thing to drive over the ruins of the Berlin Wall.

American and Russian military equipment don't go together. Trying to meld them into one would be like putting Android on your iPhone, ice cream on your burger, or a big-block V8 in a Porsche. But then, stranger things have happened, and not always to disastrous effect.

Just look at this concept, dreamt up by budding Russian designer Alexander Isaev. It's called the H-UAZ, and it marries the design cues from a Hummer H2 or H3 with the form of a UAZ 2206 – a sort of off-road minivan originally built in the 1960s for the Red Army.

Sacrilege? Maybe, to those who served on either side of the Cold War. But that was a long time ago. And while today's Russian Federation and the United States still aren't best friends, maybe there's a little more room for rapprochement now that the Berlin Wall has been down for 30 years, Communism holds on by a thread in only a handful of despotic countries (and college campuses), and the Kremlin and White House aren't pointing ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads at one another.

Politics and international relations aside, the Isaev's design doesn't look half bad, either with a short pickup bed or a closed wagon roofline.

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It looks like it could tackle just about any type of terrain, with a snub nose to let the driver see the scorched earth as it passes under the vehicle. We dare say the Hummer's design elements even look right at home on the naturally martial form, especially in green.

Unfortunately the notion of such a vehicle, as envisioned, being put into production seem as likely as Russia joining NATO. But then that idea has been floated a few times over the past few decades. After all, if GM could sell Saab to the Dutch (and on to the Chinese), why not let the Russians have Hummer?