Off-Roading In A BMW 3 Series Is Ridiculous Fun Until You Can't See Outside

Lots of gravel and dust will do that.

Sometimes all it takes is the right set of tires for your off-road adventure. You’d be surprised that a proper truck or SUV isn’t necessarily required (though one would certainly help). For example, it’s entirely possible to take an old E30 BMW 3 Series, swap out its original tires for a set of BFGoodrich All-Terrains, and you’ve got one rear-wheel-drive coupe that’s surprisingly capable. That’s exactly what Mike Musto did on the latest episode of /Driven.

Sure, he’s totally pitching BFGoodrich tires here (in fact, he says so from the get-go), but we never gave much thought to an old 3 Series’ off-road potential. Oh, and don’t worry, this isn’t an E30 M3, but rather a base model 325e. So how does it handle at the Wheeler Pass Road in Nevada? It’s all documented in the video ahead.

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