Offbeat Mercedes-Benz Concepts

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Check out these wild concepts by none other than Mercedes-Benz.

"Mercedes-Benz" and "offbeat" are two words not typically found in the same sentence. Mercedes-Benz is known for pushing the performance and luxury envelopes, but when it comes to design their sedans and sportscars are fairly tame. It's those factors that make all of these offbeat Mercedes concepts so awesome. These cars all feature atypical styling combined with Mercedes' performance and luxury. And if public reaction is favorable, some of these design elements may make it to future models.

The Mercedes-Benz Arrow is a futuristic coupe designed for the year 2050. The Arrow was designed by Felipe Palermo and features technology that may not even be around 39 years from now. The technology in question is the Arrow's MAGLEV system that uses opposing magnets to help the concept take tight corners and tires that re-inject rubber to help them last longer.

I can only wonder what the insurance rates would be on the Ali Khanzad's Mercedes concept roadster. Khanzad's design has a body reminiscent of the sportscars of the 20s and 30s and axles and tires that look like nothing ever designed before. This concept would run entirely off of electricity and would use its flexible axles to take turns at ridiculously high speeds.

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Marco Sweston's Touch Effect may be the only car in the world whose design was inspired by the 1933 Mercedes-Benz W25 and the human body. The Touch Effect is a single-seat racer designed for the not-so-distant date of 2030. The Touch Effect has an acrylic glass body that sits over its massive black "muscles."

The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow was the company's entry into the 2011 LA Auto Show's Design Challenge. The Silver Arrow is a look back at MB's 125 history in addition to a sneak-peek into its future. The Silver Arrow was the star of its own short-film and is expected to be shown again at the Detroit Auto Show.


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