Official: 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Mini MPV Interior

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Mercedes-Benz has released official photos showcasing the interior of their newly redesigned B-Class MPV.

Mercedes-Benz has outlined the shape and detail for their upcoming B-Class earlier this month and now photos of the interior have been officially unveiled. Judging by the pictures, we can see a completely redesigned interior that features more modern styling and a smoother feel than the cabin of the current model. Mercedes-Benz credits their new Advanced Design Studio in Italy for playing a very significant role in the car's interior design.

The newly designed interior sports higher quality materials that can be customized with numerous features and options, such as covering the dashboard in hand-stitched ARTICO leather. In addition, Automobile Magazine has released their own rendering predicting the upcoming car's exterior design, which hasn't been revealed just yet. The new B-Class will be making its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September before Mercedes-Benz makes it available for European dealerships this November. No word yet whether it'll be sold in the US.

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