Official: 2012 Opel Combo

Opel has introduced their new generation Combo van line with a choice of two wheelbase trims. Under the hood, there are six available engines to choose from.

With small cargo vans having mass popularity outside of the US, many automakers are interested as to whether this trend could catch on stateside. GM's European division, Opel, has introduced their new generation Combo van line. It is offered with a choice of two sizes: short- and long-wheelbase trims. Each measures in at 108.5 and 122.2 inches, respectively. The most distinct feature of the Combo lies within its cargo section. It can haul up to 134.2 cubic feet in short-wheelbase trim and up to 164.2 cubic feet in long-wheelbase.

Under the hood, six engines are available including four diesels, one gasoline and a CNG, or Compressed Natural Gas engine. The diesel line-up includes a 1.3 CDTI and 1.6 CDTI engines, both producing 90hp as well as a 1.6 CDTI variant that emits 105hp and a top performance 2.0 CDTI generating an output of 135hp. The gasoline and 1.3 CDTI engines are fitted with five-speed manual transmissions, while the CNG engine and the more powerful CDTI units have a six-speed manual transmission. Pricing hasn't been announced, but orders will begin in the fall.

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