Official: 2024 Ford Ranger And Ranger Raptor Will Be Revealed On May 10

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Mark your calendars for this coming Wednesday. Until then, here's a video teaser.

Ford has made it official: the all-new 2024 Ranger and Ranger Raptor will be unveiled on Wednesday, May 10. We already know a decent amount about the Blue Oval's new midsize truck and its hardcore off-road variant, such as the updated T6 platform that can accommodate numerous engines. For now, Ford is keeping quiet on the details, which is understandable. But, the automaker did release this brief 15-second teaser video. It doesn't reveal all that much but it's extremely cool to see what appears to be the first-ever US market Ranger Raptor blasting its way through some sand dunes.

So, what could be under the hood? We suspect the regular Ranger will have the 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo four-cylinder. It'll probably receive a power upgrade in order to compete with the also all-new Chevrolet Colorado.


As for the Ranger Raptor, we sincerely hope it'll pack the gas-powered twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 that produces 392 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. In case you're not familiar with the latter, it's the same engine powering the Bronco Raptor. Both the Ranger and Bronco utilize the T6 setup, so transferring the powertrain from the SUV to the truck is not a problem.

Don't be surprised, however, if that engine is used for the Ranger Raptor it'll be detuned somewhat. By how much? Again, we don't have the answer right now but based on the European-spec Ranger Raptor being detuned to meet emissions requirements, something as low as 288 hp is possible. America has different emissions laws than Europe and other regions, so if we had to guess we'd say the Ranger Raptor won't be below 350 ponies.


Design-wise, well, we've already seen the overseas Ranger and some leaked images so we don't expect our version will look dramatically different. The teaser video shows some details like the tailgate but we're not expecting a completely different look. That's just fine because that overseas Ranger already looks solid inside and out.

Pricing is another factor. To effectively compete with the Colorado, a starting price of around $30,000 sounds about right. The Ranger Raptor could climb as high as $55,000, give or take a few grand. There are obviously lots of questions and answers are coming in just a few days. Until then, enjoy the teaser.

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