OFFICIAL: Acura Integra Production Begins!

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Most of the cars built will have a manual transmission.

At the Marysville Auto Plant, machines are whirring to life and employees are beginning work on the new Acura Integra. The brand's revived sports compact has officially entered production. Honda has been building Acura models Stateside since 1995, but this is the first time an Integra of any kind has been built here in America.

"We are proud the Marysville Auto Plant has been chosen as the exclusive global production home for the 2023 Acura Integra that will play a key role in attracting the next generation of driving enthusiasts to the Acura brand," said Arjun Jayaraman, plant lead at MAP.

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The overwhelming majority of the cars rolling off this Ohio assembly line will have a manual transmission. It's difficult to overstate how huge that is for the future of sporty Acura models, and we're not just talking about the Integra. Honda will surely be taking notes as well. Acura has previously reported that 70% of the Integra's reservations are for top-trim manual transmission cars. Acura's loyalty to enthusiasts is being rewarded with sales, which means we're sure to get more fun, stick-shift cars from the Japanese automaker.

Apparently, that love for manual Acuras extends to personnel at the plant. Jayaraman says that he used to own a 1990 Integra. For now, things seem to be going smoothly. Current supply chain shortages are on everyone's mind right now, but thus far, the Integra doesn't appear to be a victim of shortages.

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Acura also says that these first Integras will be used to train new employees via a "virtual teaching system." The brand has also invested in new technologies to ensure the cars coming out of the MAP facility are properly screwed together. Acura uses laser-brazing technology to join panels for a seamless appearance and better rigidity. Honda installed new instrument panel production equipment to make sure interior fit and finish are strong.

If the quality is anything like what we got out of the Honda Civic Si, we're sure the Integra will hold up just fine. To find out, we'll need to get behind the wheel. Again, if it's anything like the Si, we're sure to be impressed.

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