Official: Ferrari Introduces Free Seven Year Maintenance Program

In celebration of record quarterly profits, Ferrari North America announces a new maintenance program for current owners.

Buying and owning a Ferrari is something not everyone will be able to do in their lifetime. But for those who manage to do so, the customer service benefits to owning such a fine machine are exactly what they should be. Ferrari North America has just announced that they're offering a free seven-year maintenance program for its customers. The Genuine Maintenance program is aimed to take customer satisfaction to a higher degree, since buying and maintaining a Ferrari can be expensive.

The program is also being launched globally. It covers all regularly scheduled annual maintenance at the dealership and includes part replacement and labor for current models like the 458 Italia, FF, and the California. We doubled checked, but the 599 was not, for whatever reason, included in the list Ferrari gave in their official press release. The new maintenance program was announced due to Ferrari having the most profitable six months in its history, with net profits up by nearly 25 percent. The increase in profits can be attributed partly to the Asian market, which is now Ferrari's second largest worldwide market.

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