Official: Ferrari Purosangue SUV Getting V12 Power

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The Ferrari V12 isn't dead yet!

The Ferrari Purosangue is set to debut later this year. Initially, folks were pretty worked up about the car Ferrari called "purebred" because an SUV is categorically against everything the company has stood for up until this moment. However, Ferrari does still need to make money and selling rich people a big, fast SUV is the best way to do that. Not that the Purosangue is a regular SUV in the traditional sense.

Speaking of fast, it's almost certain that the Purosangue will be one of the faster SUVs out there. Yes, including the Aston DBX 707. That's because Ferrari's CEO Benedetto Vigna confirmed that the brand's new SUV will have the company's V12 engine under the hood.
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We've speculated about the inclusion of the brand's famous 12-cylinder for some time, and the car even sounded a bit like it could have just that. It's also worth noting that the car could have a turbo V8 in the lineup and a potential hybrid setup as the new platform is geared to accept all three powertrains. The confirmation of the V12 was given in an earnings call with Ferrari VIPs by the brand's CEO and supported by videos shared on Instagram and YouTube.

The videos say that a new Ferrari is coming and that it will be "unmistakably Ferrari at heart, powered by our iconic V12 engine." It'll certainly be something special. Right now, the only V12 SUV on the market is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and that's more ultra-luxury car than performance. Ferrari said in that Instagram post this is a new V12, but it's likely an evolution of the unit from the 812 Competizione.

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For now, power figures are still a mystery. In the 812, the brand's naturally-aspirated V12 produces 819 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque in Competizione spec. We imagine those numbers will be roughly the same for the Purosangue, though Ferrari could turn up the wick a bit to offset the Purosangue's surely considerable mass.

Ferrari says that deliveries of its first-ever SUV are set to start in 2023, with the debut of the SUV coming before then. Given the information that's now coming out about the car, we can't imagine a debut is very far off.


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