OFFICIAL: Ferrari Purosangue SUV Will Debut September 13

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We can't wait to see what Maranello has achieved.

Ferrari is set to shake up its product portfolio by introducing its first-ever SUV. And unlike rivals Lamborghini et al, this won't be an SUV in the traditional sense of the word. From what we can tell, it appears that the new arrival, called the Purosangue, will be more like a posh station wagon with a couple of extra inches of ground clearance.

We got our first teaser of the new car in March of this year, with the Maranello-based manufacturer revealing a couple of months later that the car will get V12 power. Outstanding news, but when will the car be revealed? According to a clever post on Twitter, the answer is a week from today.

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Ferrari posted the darkened teaser above with the caption, "We know you love to brighten #Ferrari teaser pictures..." Automakers have quickly realized that Photoshop is not just for graphic designers, and if you post a shadowy teaser, somebody will enhance the image and post the results. Ferrari was careful to ensure that everything but the lighting signature was properly blotted out, except for a hidden script that includes #FerrariPurosangue and the reveal date: 13 September 2022. That's exactly a week from today, so we don't have very long to wait for the controversial new vehicle to be presented in all its glory.

In a second teaser, which you can see below, the supercar maker used the similar imagery, albeit slightly brightened, and accompanied it with the sound of the Purosangue's V12 from within the cabin.
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While the concept of a Ferrari SUV is still egregious to many fans of the brand, those who can actually afford to purchase its products are besotted with it already. According to Ferrari marketing boss Enrico Galliera, "demand is going to be a problem for the company, albeit a positive one." After showing the vehicle to customers, Ferrari reported that "the reaction was overwhelming." Clearly, the average Ferrari owner wants an SUV with a Prancing Horse on it to match their SF90 Stradale and 296 GTB.

But unlike Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, and others, Ferrari doesn't want to oversaturate the market just for the sake of a huge cash influx. The Purosangue must be exclusive.

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While Ferrari is a business like any other car company, it realizes that part of the brand's unique allure lies in the exclusivity factor of its cars. If every chump with six figures worth of change can buy the Purosangue, it will proliferate every trendy cocktail bar's parking lot, and the brand will start to give off the impression of a mass manufacturer. By allowing the Purosangue to account for a low portion of its sales (around 20% is expected), the SUV will be a rare sighting and a vehicle that fans of the brand will lust after for years to come. We think Ferrari is on the right track here, and because its SUV will be unlike any other, the low-volume business model fits like a glove. We'll have more for you next week Tuesday when we finally see what Maranello's magicians have been cooking up.

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