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OFFICIAL: Fisker EMotion Will Have 400-Mile Range And Cost $130,000

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These are the first images of Fisker's stylish new electric car.

Just a couple of months ahead of its reveal, these are the first official pictures of the Fisker EMotion. As we learned in Shanghai, over 1,000 orders have already been taken for the all-electric sedan, which appears to have been toned down a tad from the previous images we've seen. Built from the ground up, the EMotion utilizes a carbon-fiber and aluminum platform designed to maximize interior space and rear legroom.

The Emotion boasts proportions, a long wheelbase with short overhangs, which accommodate a high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system that will ensure the EV gets a range of over 400 miles. Using proprietary UltraCharger technology, it will take just nine minutes to charge over 100 miles. The front end image of the car reveals a bright aluminum centerpiece. Fisker says this houses a LIDAR system behind a tinted screen, while side mirrors conceal cameras that provide the driver with panoramic, 360-degree views. We only get to see a hint of the carbon-fiber and aluminum wheels that were developed with Dymag. Fisker claims these reduce rotational mass by 40 percent, helping to extend the electric range.

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"Extreme aerodynamics" on the EMotion include frontal, side and rear carbon-fiber aero elements, a low hood line, sculptured front and rear fenders, and a tapered green house. Combined with an integrated lower rear diffuser, the Emotion should slice through the wind with minimal resistance. Fisker has announced that the EMotion will start from $129,900, with the car sold via Fisker Inc.'s website and upcoming experience centers. Servicing will be taken care of by The Hybrid Shop, who will provide owners with a white glove concierge service.