Official! Ford Announces New Bronco Debut Date

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We don't have long to wait

Ford has a number of iconic cars in its lineup. The F-150, the Mustang, and even the Transit are all immensely popular vehicles. However, there hasn't been a time in recent memory where the resurrection of an old nameplate has been greeted with the feverish anticipation we're seeing for the Blue Oval's most recent tease, the Ford Bronco.

We've brought you numerous articles on the subject, with spy shots, powertrain speculation, and even Bronco Sport leaks. The question that remains at the end of every piece of news we get about the new Bronco is this: When will we see it? With major shows like the New York Auto Show all being canceled due to COVID-19, we've been left in the lurch. Until now.


W finally have something concrete to report on the new Bronco. Thanks to an email we received from Ford, we can officially confirm that the all-new Bronco will debut in July 2020. This is the first time since the cancelation of auto shows the world over that we have something to look forward to with regards to the new SUV.

Why does this matter so much? Well, the Bronco is an icon, both in terms of design and affordable utility. We mention the latter because we know the Bronco will retain the overall shape of the original but that all the nods to the past in the SUVs design will be for naught if the Bronco is incapable of capturing the imagination of serious off-road enthusiasts.

Full Size Bronco
Full Size Bronco
Full Size Bronco

Now that we have a better idea of the Bronco's launch, we can hardly wait to see it. We know that many potential buyers are holding out on new cars just for this model. With the confirmation of its launch being imminent, we're sure that potential Jeep Wrangler buyers may hold out just a little longer. Are you as excited as we are? Is the Bronco another shameless moneymaking exercise or will it be as loved just as much as the original? Well, whatever the outcome, we'll be here to keep you up to date on how it drives, what it's like to live with, how advanced it is, and what it'll cost.

Full Size Bronco
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