Official: GMC Developing Canyon Denali

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"Pushing" for a "credible Denali" design.

In a recent interview with Automotive News, vice president of Buick-GMC, Duncan Aldred, said the company is currently working on a new model, the Canyon Denali. Like its Denali renditions of other GMC models, the Canyon should feature additional luxury and design elements to draw customers into the company's dealerships. "I'm pushing the engineers and designers to give me a credible Denali," said Aldred, but he remained coy on when this model could appear in showrooms.


Aldred expects the Canyon Denali to account for approximately 25 percent of the model's sales."I'm going to sell quite a lot of Canyons," he said. Like other Denalis, the Canyon should feature exterior updates – like the signature mesh grille, body-color bumpers and larger wheels – in addition to an upgraded interior. Aldred wouldn't comment on the engine that would be utilized in this model.

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