Jaguar's Next EV Will Be A Panamera-Rivaling 4-Door Super-GT

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This is part of an $18 billion investment plan over the next five years.

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that the first of three all-new Jaguar EVs will be a four-door GT to be built at its Solihull plant in the UK. A single teaser image has been released. While the Land Rover brand continues to thrive with new models like the Defender, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport, it's Jaguar that requires rehabilitation in order to survive. This new GT could be the start of a whole new beginning for Jaguar, which we've known for a while will be going fully battery electric.

Interestingly, the automaker has decided to make the Defender, Range Rover, and Discovery their own separate brands alongside Jaguar. This "house of brands" will be under the JLR umbrella.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) also announced a major update of its two-year-old Reimagine plan that includes a new $18 billion investment (£15 billion) over five years that will see, among other things, its UK-based Halewood plant turned into a full-on EV production facility, specifically for the upcoming electric modular architecture (EMA). This new dedicated EV platform is vital for JLR because it'll underpin the next generation of medium-sized SUVs, a vital source of income for the carmaker that recently recovered from major financial issues.

2023 Land Rover Defender Front Angle View Land Rover
2023 Land Rover Defender Rear Angle View Land Rover
2023 Land Rover Defender Dashboard Land Rover

However, this $100,000 grand tourer will not ride on the EMA platform but rather its own unique architecture called JEA. More details are coming later this year, but Jaguar has confirmed the unnamed vehicle will go on sale in "selected markets" in 2024 and deliveries will get underway in 2025. Jaguar promises it'll have more power than any previous model and a range of up to 430 miles. How or if this new vehicle will reverse Jaguar's shrinking US dealer network remains uncertain.

"We have radically reimagined Jaguar as a modern luxury brand. The key to Jaguar's transformation is that the designs convey that they are a copy of nothing," said the one and only Gerry McGovern, Jaguar's chief creative officer.

Additional important details you need to know about JLR's future is that its Engine Manufacturing Center in Wolverhampton is being renamed the Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Center. The $18 billion investment is not only limited to major manufacturing changes but also investments in key areas such as "vehicle programs, autonomous, AI and digital technologies and people skills."

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The Reimagine strategy aims to reposition JLR as an electric-first, modern luxury carmaker by 2030. As the Jaguar brand is being reborn, Land Rover remains firmly on track. The carmaker further confirmed that pre-orders for the first pure EV Range Rover will begin later this year. JLR is quick to say that Land Rover will not be going fully EV just yet.

The flexible modular longitudinal architecture (MLA) that underpins the current Range Rover and Range Rover Sport isn't going anywhere because it's been engineered to accommodate ICE, hybrid, and BEV powertrains. In other words, MLA allows Land Rover to gradually transition towards all-out electrification instead of changing overnight.

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2023 Land Rover Defender Front Angle View
2023 Land Rover Defender Rear Angle View
2023 Land Rover Defender Dashboard
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