OFFICIAL: Lexus TX Confirmed As New Three-Row BMW X7 Rival

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You no longer have to sacrifice on-road comfort to get three rows of Lexus luxury.

Out of left field, Lexus has dropped a solitary teaser of a new model called the Lexus TX, saying nothing else but that "something big is coming!" and that the TX is coming soon.

Lexus has a pretty full product lineup of SUVs, which leaves us wondering where the new model might fit into the lineup. After all, the Lexus LX is already a gargantuan three-row luxury off-roader, the GX is a smaller, albeit archaic, off-roader beneath that, and the RX is a midsize crossover that eschews the body-on-frame construction of those two models in favor of a unibody setup.

But while Lexus does have three-row offerings, they aren't quite as luxurious as the BMW X7, which is why a long-wheelbase, three-row unibody crossover makes the most sense for the Lexus TX.


We're pretty certain this is where the Lexus TX will slot in, which leads us to the next question: what will underpin it?

Toyota also has two three-row SUVs competing against one another, with the 4Runner being the off-road alternative while the Grand Highlander is a new unibody crossover with space for the whole family with which Toyota wants to rival the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade.

Lexus routinely shares platforms and underpinnings with Toyota models, so it stands to reason the TX will basically be an upscale Grand Highlander.

Comparing the teaser with the Grand Highlander's side profile (below) shows similar body lines like the roof, wheel arches, and C- and D-pillars, leading us to believe this is the case.

This supports rumors that sprung up last year after execs confirmed in 2021 that a new three-row crossover was being contemplated.

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There is another possibility, but one that we're less inclined to believe is the case. The teaser from Lexus shows a similar side profile and taillight shape to the foreign-market Toyota Fortuner - a three-row body-on-frame SUV based on the Toyota Hilux.

There have been no whisperings of such a model, so its sudden announcement for the US would be quite a shock if this were the case. The Lexus GX is aging, and a TNGA-F platform-based luxury off-roader (which would be the Lexus equivalent to the upcoming 2024 Toyota 4Runner) could be a suitable replacement. But the GX was based on the larger Toyota Land Cruiser Prado from other markets, which is bigger and more luxurious than the Fortuner.

While the taillights immediately seem similar, the C- and D-pillars of the Fortuner are shaped too differently.

Lexus hasn't given us any more information, but we can bet that a reveal is imminent, as the Lexus TX will likely arrive in time for the 2024 model year.


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