Official: McLaren MSO HS Revealed With Full Specs and Pictures


And it's just as incredible as we thought it would be.

Rumors have abounded for a good while now that McLaren will be rustling up a model to fit in between the brilliant 675LT and incredible P1. Recently, a few images leaked online, and having heard nothing since we decided to reach out to McLaren for confirmation. Today, we received that confirmation along with these official images plus details of the mighty supercar you see before you: the rather phenomenal McLaren MSO HS.

Grunt comes from a reworked version of the now-brand-synonymous M838T 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, with output rated at 688 metric horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, the bodywork has been subtly revised to increase the HS's performance and aerodynamic efficiency over a 'regular' Super Sport series McLaren, with the bare carbon roof scoop, more aggressive sills, louvered fenders and the huge P1-GTR-inspired rear wing (complete with air brake functionality and pre-set configs set up by chief test driver Chris Goodwin himself) being the stand-out changes. The result of these aerodynamic enhancements is 220 kg of downforce at 150 mph.

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Though McLaren isn't quoting official weights, the HS is bound to tip the scales at a far lower figure than a standard Super Sport vehicle. Carbon-backed buckets borrowed from the P1 and the extensive use of Alcantara and carbon fiber have already stripped 40 pounds out. The polycarbonate engine cover, two circular titanium exhaust pipes that exit through the exposed bodywork, superlight ten-inch alloys with matching gloss-black carbon ceramic brake calipers, and lighter glass have shaved even more pounds off. Further accentuating the MSO HS's obvious track-focused nature is the addition of the McLaren Track Telemetry, or MTT, system.

Along with registering and displaying info on lap deltas and sector times through the car's IRIS display, an array of cameras in the bumpers and cabin that further complement the data-logging functionality allowing the driver to further analyze his or her performance on the circuit. It's all incredibly clever stuff, and those who get a kick out of this sort of thing (which is bound to be the people who buy a car as focused and committed to track work as the MSO HS) will undoubtedly adore the functionality and features provided in the MTT setup. If you'd love to own an MSO HS and haven't approached McLaren already, then you're out of luck.

All 25 examples that will ever be made have been allocated homes - too bad for the rest of us who'll never get the chance to own such a magnificent motor car. Hey, there's always the second-hand market.

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