Official: Next-Generation Maserati GranTurismo Going All-Electric

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The GranCabrio too, plus other future brand plans.

This has been a big week for Maserati. First, the all-new Maserati MC20 mid-engine supercar was revealed to great fanfare. And now we've been told more big plans regarding its future lineup and its electrification strategy, called 'Folgore'. However, the biggest highlights are the next-generation Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio.

The grand tourer coupe and convertible duo will officially be the first Maseratis to offer a fully all-electric powertrain. Both will be engineered in Modena with production taking place in Turin and will be unveiled in either 2023 or 2024.

Another big revelation from the official event celebrating the MC20's launch is that the new GranTurismo and GranCabrio will also be available with an internal combustion engine. A report from last summer claimed the MC20's all-new and first-ever fully Maserati-developed 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, called Nettuno, will have 542 horsepower when it's dropped into the new GranTurismo's engine bay.

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Bear in mind the MC20 has 621 hp on tap, but that's because it's the halo model. This engine was displayed for attending media as part of an "anatomy session" detailing its inner workings. For now, Maserati has not provided any specifics. Another vital fact worth remembering is that an all-electric MC20 is also happening. Maserati's electrification strategy previously kicked off a couple of months ago by way of the Ghibli Hybrid. An all-new Quattroporte is also in the works and, like the GranTurismo, will be sold with a choice of an all-electric or combustion-engined powertrain. Bear in mind all future ICE Maseratis will be electrified, meaning they'll be hybrids.

That wasn't all that was divulged, however, as Maserati will also be producing a new compact luxury SUV to battle the BMW X3, called the Grecale. Like the GranTurismo and Quattroporte, both combustion and electric power plants will be available.

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Maserati's future also involves greater customer attention with a new customization program called Maserati Fuoriserie.

Every Maserati vehicle is eligible and can be modified to individual tastes. There are no limitations, with the sole exception of your budget. The new car tailoring shop, located at Maserati's Modena headquarters, will work directly with clients to create the ideal vehicle. Because there are thousands of possible combinations, Maserati has broken down three basic collections as starting points, Corsa, Unica, and Futura. The Classiche program, focusing on the restoration of classic Maseratis, has also been initiated.

Another noteworthy recent Maserati accomplishment is the completion of the Trofeo collection, which began in 2018 with the launch of the 590-hp Levante Trofeo SUV. The Quattroporte and Ghibli Trofeo were very recently unveiled, both powered by the same Ferrari-sourced 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8.

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With so many new technologies in the pipeline, the Modena-based Maserati Innovation Lab will play a key role in product development, including EVs and the new Grecale SUV, by way of various digital processes aimed to prioritize the human factor via a unique hardware-software mix. For example, more than 90 percent of the MC20's vehicle dynamics were developed with the assistance of virtual models, an approach very appropriately called Virtual Vehicle Dynamics Development.

It's a new era for Maserati and the MC20 is just the beginning.

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