Official: Nissan's Next Generation Platform - CMF


Nissan wants to do more with less with their new Common Module Family.

When building global models and desiring flexibility, there is really only one way to go: creating a common platform with the versatility to underpin a large range of vehicles. Nissan is joining Ford, Volvo and Volkswagen on the path of commonality underlying their ranges with their new CMF platform. Known as the Common Module Family (or CMF), the new platform will help the Japanese automaker cut costs in terms of development and engineering while allowing for an improved focus in the fields of safety and technology.

The CMF features four components: engine compartment, electronics architecture and front and rear underbody and the cockpit. The key is flexibility, as the new CMF platform will allow such models as a sedan and hatchback along with bigger models like an SUV or MPV. In an effort to reach Volkswagen levels in terms of the use of common parts, Nissan Corporate VP Hideyuki Sakamotothe said that the new platform will increase the number of shared parts on Nissan models from its current range of 50,000-200,000 up to an impressive 1.6 million vehicles.

The new platform builds on Nissan's previous model-sharing architecture, known as the FM (Front-Midship). The FM platform debuted back in 2001 and was featured in models like the Infiniti G35, Infiniti FX and the all-conquering Nissan GT-R. The CMF platform is the latest component of the Nissan's Power 88, calling for an ambitious 51 updated or new models by 2016. They are also shooting for a whopping 90 new technologies in that time period as well. Photos displayed are of the 2012 Nissan Pathfinder Concept and 2013 Nissan 370Z.


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