Official Photos of Subaru Coupe Concept

Subaru is planning to debut its anticipated rear-wheel drive sports car concept at the upcoming 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but they have recently decided to first tease us with a picture of it. The automaker's original ghost sketch of the car showed only a darkened outline of the front end, but this brightened up photo reveals the coupe's shape in full detail. The concept differs in styling from the Toyota FT-86 sibling, particular in curvature.

The concept will keep the same front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout as the FT-86. The powertrain comes courtesy a horizontally opposed boxer engine, but specific details will only be revealed at the show itself. The car was initially referred to as "Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept", but since then, the automaker has renamed it to "Boxer Sports Car Architecture".

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