Official Report: 2013 DMC DeLorean Electric is a Real Thing


The DeLorean is back, running on pure electric. We don't know the range yet, however we also don't know if it can travel back in time.

In November of last year, we ran a story of a one-off 25th anniversary edition of the DeLorean. The car, famed for its starring role in the Back to the Future movie series, was a pure EV built in Dallas, Texas and shipped to Italy to run a 435 mile, 3 day journey to Rome for the Rome Film Festival. That was a terrific piece of machinery, and one that we thought we would never see again. That is until recently when we caught a glimpse of the production version (that's right, production version) of Doc Brown's time traveler.

The DeLorean Motor Company made its big return last Friday at the DMC Texas Open House with their official DeLorean EV. Partnered with Epic EV, the all-electric classic will head into production by 2013. Early reports have indicated that the DMCEV (as it will be known during the development phase) could run as fast as 125 miles per hour and put out around 260hp. The engine should move from its former version's rear, however it could remain there as details have been pretty scarce. It will run on a 1.21 gigawatt-hour battery. The DeLorean's trademark gullwing doors should return, along with a hefty price tag of around $100,000.


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