Official Report: Lincoln to Get Design Studio

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Ford has announced they will be giving its luxury brand Lincoln its own design studio in a full-scale revival effort.

Ford has just announced they will be giving Lincoln its own design studio within the Product Development Center in Dearborn in an attempt to revive their struggling luxury brand. They've charged new Lincoln Design director Max Wolff with the task. Ford will also invest in unique interiors and powertrains. It will be interesting to see just how much of an impact the new design studio can have on the new Lincolns that are planned out for the next four years.

Some critics and many customers have complained that Lincolns currently share too much in common with lower end vehicles from Ford's lineup. The fact is that luxury buyers or private car companies will not pay more for a vehicle that resembles a more standard model because that would eliminate the word "luxury" and replace it with "bargain" instead. Automakers can charge very high premiums for vehicles that sell in smaller volumes than their mainstream counterparts. And now there may be a chance for rebuilding the luxury brand as Ford can draw inspiration from its next door neighbor, General Motors.

GM has made rebuilding luxury brands into an art form. The best example would be Cadillac, who for years made do with a series of badge-engineered vehicles that barely differed from their mainstream counterparts. However, in 1999, Cadillac started to show concept cars with its "Art and Science" design style, a trademark which has continued through the years and into their present line-up. The brand has a lot of work ahead of them if they want to truly be revived and return to their long-gone glory days. Photos displayed are Lincoln Navicross Concept.

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