Official Report: Toyota Hilux Gets a Facelift

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Toyota has officially unveiled the facelifted 2012 Hilux. The Hilux is well-known for its ruggedness and workhouse performance capabilities.

Toyota has officially unveiled their 2012 facelifted Hilux. Although the Hilux is not an all-new model, Toyota has made some significant changes to their signature pickup which is not sold in the US. The Hilux receives an array of newly redesigned features including the bumper, fender headlights, hood, three-bar grille, side mirrors, alloy wheel designs, and rear fenders. Finally, a new front fascia gives the pickup a more refined appearance.

Under the newly revised hood, power comes from an upgraded 2.5-liter D-4D diesel producing an output of 144hp and 253 lb-ft of torque. The engine has also has a reduced fuel consumption and a reduced C02 output. The 3.0-liter D-4D is carried-over unchanged. The Toyota Hilux is available in three bodystyles with two engines and transmissions. It is also available in either two- or four-wheel drive options. The Hilux has been known for its legendary ruggedness and workhouse performance.

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