Official: Rolls Royce Reveals Phantom Serenity


It's all about that Far East "color."

Asthe king of bespoke models, it should come as no surprisethat Rolls Royce has chosen to unveil a new one-off paint job andinterior as a breaking-news reveal at the Geneva Motor Show. The Rolls RoycePhantom Serenity is all about the paint, the dazzle and the glitz, quite theopposite than its Serenity nameplate would suggest. In fact, the car boasts themost expensive paint job in the history of paint jobs. The three-stage pearleffect mother of pearl finish is hand-polished for 12 hours to create thishypnotizing "silky" effect.

Theinterior and exterior play an elegant game of mirroring, with the two-toneexterior, applied by a squirrel hair brush, echoed an opulent one-off interior.The Chinese silk-inspired interior has been hand woven in a process that takesapproximately two hours per meter, with various shades and colors being blendedinto a high quality fabric with a gleaming Smoke Green hue. In London, theblossom motif – designed by Haye and Lusby and also Chinese embroidered – has beenpainstakingly applied. Then, each petal was painted by hand, culminating in 600hours of work for the Serenity's central panel.

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Addin some Smoked Cherrywood, Arctic White leather, bamboo cross-banding and moremother of pearl echoed in the clock and instrument panel, and the outcome isbrilliantly finished interior that blends Chinese silk and Japanese blossomsinto a one-of-a-kind, painstakingly made luxury sedan.