OFFICIAL: The Rimac Nevera Is Ready For American Roads

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With a CARB-certified driving range of 287 miles.

To call Mate Rimac ambitious would be an understatement. The 34-year-old entrepreneur is a visionary, with a well-defined goal of changing the way we think about supercars. His sure-footed plans haven't just impressed us. Porsche sees great promise in Rimac, underlined by its latest investment into the Croatian company. Let's not forget about the joint venture between the innovative carmaker and Bugatti, which will oversee future electric hypercars.

In the midst of this, Rimac has been putting the final touches on the incredible Nevera, an electric supercar with astonishing performance. We recently reported that the 1,914-horsepower creation had officially become road legal, with the first example registered for road use in Croatia. At the time, Mate Rimac said the limited-run production car (just 150 examples will be made) will soon be delivered to customers in other markets.

Rear-Facing View Rimac
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Frontal Aspect Rimac

According to the founder's latest Facebook post, it seems US-based customers won't have to wait much longer. Mate Rimac shared documents from the EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board), noting the electric supercar is now "EU and US homologated and ready for delivery." According to the certificates seen below, the Nevera has received an all-electric range estimate of 287.28 miles.

This is lower than the WLTP-derived figure of 342 miles, but still impressive when you consider the Croatian supercar can hit 60 mph in 1.85 seconds and is capable of reaching a top speed of 258 mph. Rimac also provided an update on the project as a whole.

"Production Car #002 is on pre-delivery testing on roads around Zagreb today," he said, noting it's not up to the company to share pictures. That's a privilege reserved for excited customers. "[We're] finally getting there thanks to the huge efforts by the whole team," added Rimac.

Mate Rimac/Facebook
Mate Rimac/Facebook
Mate Rimac/Facebook
Driving Front Angle Rimac

Even though a mere 150 examples will ever grace international roads, Rimac has gone to great lengths to ensure the Nevera can be used legally in most places. Aside from rigorous cold-weather evaluations, the Nevera has also been subjected to extreme crash testing. More than 45 pre-production examples were sacrificed in the name of safety and, while it's painful to watch, it shows just how conscientious the company was in designing the electric supercar.

Finally, all this effort has paid off. Whoever they may be, American Rimac owners can rest well knowing their latest addition was engineered to be the best. It's not just fast and beautiful - there's some serious cutting-edge tech lurking under the pretty bodywork. The Nevera is capable of receiving OTA (over-the-air) updates and should be available with autonomous driving in the near future. What's more, the battery can be charged from empty to 80% in a mere 19 minutes, depending on the charging infrastructure.

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