Official: Volkswagen Gives the Go-Ahead on the 5-Door UP!

A 5-door version of the UP! city car is coming later this year and was just revealed by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen made a big splash at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month with their UP! concept. The UP! city car was shown off in many different trims to highlight its versatile platform and now we have another trim of the German's new model to feast our eyes on. Based on the Cross UP! concept, the new 5-door version has just been released The big Cross UP! has received the styling of an SUV earmarked by its raised suspension of 15mm.

Volkswagen said in a statement "The most obvious differences when compared with the standard UP! are of course the additional doors and the styling of the C-pillars. While on the three-door car the shoulder line and windows ascend towards the rear near the C-pillars, on the five-door the two elements form a straight line, creating a more upright appearance." The 5-door UP! will be available for sales later this year in Europe.

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