Offroad Enthusiasts Fooled By Fake Volkswagen Concept Car


Honestly, we'd have been fooled too.

Volkswagen of Australia must be a nutty bunch, a conclusion we reached after watching this video. It just released the latest incarnation of it's popular truck, the Amarok, and it now features a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel powerplant that makes some pretty good power - 224 horsepower and a typically high turbodiesel torque output of 406 lb-ft. Just after the launch, the automaker wanted to create even more hype around the truck and so brought in a man named Colin Gibson to design a "prototype" VW that needed testing.

Haven't heard of Colin Gibson? He's a production designer for the film industry, most notable for his work on the Mad Max reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Volkswagen Australia assembled a bunch of offroad enthusiasts and put them in the "concept car" to give a proper Aussie-style test session to get their feedback on it. The thing they weren't told is that the outlandish SUV concept actually uses all the production-spec mechanicals and underpinnings of the new Amarok truck. Carlos Santos, Volkswagen's Commercial Vehicles director, commented: "Having Mad Max: Fury Road's mad genius design the Korama for us was a real coup and I think what was created has captured all of our imaginations. After all, who else could design something as tough as the Amarok?" Well, to be fair there's not much to the "design" but it certainly did the job of fooling the enthusiasts.

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