Oh Hello, Are You the Next-Gen Subaru WRX?

A Japanese news program may have accidentally caught the new WRX on camera.

The new Subaru WRX could debut at the LA and Tokyo Auto Shows this November, and we may have just been accidently given a sneak preview of the final production version. A Japanese news show recently ran a segment about Subaru’s new "EyeSight" safety technology when someone noticed something very interesting. Amongst the test cars present that day there was an Impreza featuring a hood scoop and larger wheels and tires.

Judging by some previous spy shots of the new WRX caught testing, this undisguised car looks awfully similar to that camouflaged test mule. Subaru has so far neither confirmed nor denied whether or not this is the real deal. In all honesty, however, we can’t imagine this car being anything else. If that’s the case, then we’re a bit disappointed. It doesn’t look all that much like that slick WRX Concept shown at New York last March. Whatever the case may be, we’ll hopefully have our official answer soon enough.

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