OK Go Shoot Music Video with Chevy Sonic and Over 1000 Instruments

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Four months of work went into this four minute music video. The band must have loved putting their time to such good use.

Music videos could well be consigned to the history books in the not-so-distant future but in the meantime bands such as OK Go are trying to make the most of the medium.

In collaboration with Chevrolet, the video for Needing/Getting was shot over four days and took four months to prepare. 1000 instruments, including 288 guitars and 55 pianos, were carefully arranged over two miles of desert outside LA and a super-hacked Chevy Sonic was outfitted with retractable pneumatic arms. As lead singer Damian, who took stunt driving lessons to keep things real, shoots around the course singing the band's latest catchy tune, the Sonic plays the instruments and other random noisemakers, creating music as it goes. A brilliant concept that was pretty well executed. Shame about the tune.

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