Okcu Automotive Mercedes V-Class Is A Van Fit For A King


Resplendent in 24 karat gold trim and champagne cooler.

If you want to travel in the lap of luxury, there are plenty of vehicles on the market to suit your needs. You could get a Rolls-Royce Phantom or even a Cullinan SUV if you needed a bit more practicality. But what if even a Rolls-Royce didn't offer enough space? A van may not be the first type of vehicle that springs to mind when you think of luxury but that hasn't stopped automotive, yacht, and aviation interior design company Okcu Automotive from decking out a Mercedes V-Class in extravagance.

On display at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Mercedes Benz V-Class "Treasure" by Okcu is a one-of-one limited production van with luxury appointments fit for a king. If you think your luxury car is impressive, you haven't seen this van.

Every Okcu van conversion takes 3,350 man hours to complete using the finest leather, handcrafted wood, and cutting-edge technology. For the Treasure Edition, Okcu added a Bang & Olufsen sound system with Apple Airplay streaming and wireless phone charging, voice control, 24 karat gold trim for all of the switches, two genuine White South Sea pearls embedded into the interior panels, Rolls-Royce quality leather, custom Macassar wood veneer panels, and a unique front and rear body kit.

All of the van's functions, including the partition wall screen divider, side tables, leg rests, and seat massage, can be controlled using either an iPad or voice command. If the techy features don't impress you, the Treasure Edition also includes a minibar, champagne cooler, and espresso machine for your drinking pleasure. When all else fails, occupants can lay back and enjoy the Rolls-Royce-inspired micro-LED lights in the roof liner which create an atmosphere of "a dark summer midnight full of stars."

Since this is a one-off, it costs a lot more than a standard Okcu van. The Treasure Edition costs around 250,00 euros (plus the cost of the van) while a standard van is around 150,000 euros. Okcu is extremely exclusive and only builds around 100 vans per year but if you fancy one, the company is happy to turn your Mercedes V-Class or Sprinter van into a luxury masterpiece.

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