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Old Chevy Dealership is Auctioning Its Undiscovered Treasures

After going out of business decades ago, someone has reopened the doors to this old Chevy dealer where near brand new classic cars still remain.

For whatever reason, when this Nebraska Chevrolet dealership shut its doors decades ago, it failed to sell off its inventory of cars. Its employees simply locked the doors and left, leaving the cars and trucks to stand the test of time. They have very few, if any, road miles and some even have the factory plastic on the seats. Now they’ve been uncovered and will be sold at the Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction, run by VanDerBrink Auctions, this September.

For anyone looking for an extremely low mileage classic Chevy, this is the place you’ll want to be. These old gems are simply incredible and you’d be ridiculously lucky to find anything remotely similar anywhere else.

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