'Old Man' Pranks Roadside Assistance With C63 AMG And Pure Skill

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510 horsepower and unsuspecting victims is always a fun combination.

Having a fast car is like playing God because you have the power to pass cars indiscriminately and also play hilarious pranks on people. Rally champ Petter Solberg must have woken up in a humorous mood because he decided to have some fun with Mercedes technicians and a C63 AMG S Wagon. Solberg had a team of makeup artists to make him look like a demanding 82-year old man who must have spent his retirement funds on a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that's too fast for him.

He put in a fake roadside assistance call and when the mechanics show up, Solberg takes them on the ride of their lives to show the technicians that adult diapers aren't only for the senile.

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