Old Man Restores the Oldest Porsche

Italian magazine sets out to document the story of Ferdinand Porsche's the oldest known surviving car.

Luciano Rupolo is about as authentic a car guy as they come. He used to own a car repair shop, and evidently did quite well at it. Now in retirement, Rupolo spends his time filling his garage with classic cars and restoring them. He’s got Ferraris, Alfas, Corvettes and others in his collection, but his prized possession is an early Porsche. So early, in fact, that it’s considered to be the oldest existing car made by Ferdinand Porsche – which we’d extrapolate to be the original Porsche 64.

Rupolo has made it something of a personal mission to acquire and restore Porsche #004, and Italy’s Locals Magazine is profiling it in a documentary. The finished version is still in the works, but in the meantime, they've released this trailer featuring Rupolo's Bertone-bodied Bizzarrini Competizione.

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