Old School BMW 635 CSi Australian Touring Car Will Race At Silverstone

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It even has an official nickname: Black Beauty.

The JPS-liveried BMW 635 CSi is a touring car icon in its native Australia. Its black and gold livery has rightly contributed to its nickname, "Black Beauty." And it will be participating in next month's Silverstone Classic in the UK, marking the first time it's been seen outside of Australia since it was initially shipped there more than three decades ago. It made its debut in Group C back in 1981 and later made its way to Group A in 1985.

It was there where it won seven of ten rounds of the Australian Touring Car Championship. It later went on to an undefeated career in the AMSCAR series. After retiring from racing, the car was sold to a New Zealand-based collector who ended up restoring it to its currently nearly new condition. As part of its restoration, it was returned from Group A to Group C spec, a nearly 18 month long process. And, of course, its original inline-six engine was also given a proper reworking. But now it's time to get her up and racing again, with also legendary Kiwi driver Jim Richards behind the wheel once again.

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