Old Subarus May Be the Quirkiest Cars Out There

The automaker that's never been afraid to be different.

We’ve always been fans of Subaru for a number of reasons. Subies, as they’re often affectionately called, are rock-solid reliable and countless owners have driven them into the ground. That can easily take a decade, usually more. The Japanese brand has also had a longtime association with rally racing. But perhaps most importantly, Subaru has never been afraid to be different. It has a history of embracing quirkiness in terms of both design and stated purpose.

One of the best examples of that is the Brat. Heck, even Ronald Reagan owned one for his California ranch. Today Subaru is still doing its own thing, with its all-wheel-drive, go-anywhere reputation fully intact. We’ve put together the following gallery showcasing what are some of the most unique Subies of yesteryear. They were quirky even then.

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