Old Vs New: What Do You Think Of The New Camaro's Interior?

The scrutinizing continues.

Without question, one of the biggest qualms people had with the outgoing fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro was its interior. It didn’t look horrible but the overall material quality, fit and finish, and layout weren’t the best. Remember, that Camaro was designed when GM was a very different company compared to today. With the arrival of the sixth-gen Camaro, we can clearly see a significant improvement. The new cockpit design is somewhat retro while still looking fully modern and pretty high-tech.

We're thrilled that designers kept the double-binnacle-style gauges and the HVAC outlets kept their circular shape. Overall, it's more evolutionary than revolutionary. But what do you think of the 2016 Camaro’s interior? Is it what you expected it to be, or did the designers come up short. Let us know in the comments.

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