Drag Race

On Paper A Drag Race Between The AMG GT S And Audi RS7 Is Too Close To Call

Two of Germany's heavyweights square-off on the strip.

Say what youwill about German sports cars, but they’re some of the fastest and mostpowerful vehicles on the road today. Thanks to GTBOARD we now know what it’slike when the Audi RS7 and Mercedes-AMG GT S cross paths on the drag strip. Onpaper it’s a close race with the RS7’s turbocharged V8 producing 560 hp whilethe GT S’ twin-turbocharged V8 generates 503 hp. One’s a four-door beast, whilethe other is a thoroughbred sports car. Which one do you think will come out ontop?

The winner maynot surprise you, but the amazing sounds that the V8s make sure will. If you hadto choose between the RS7 or the GT S, which one would you keep in your garage?

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