On the Eighth Day, God Gave Us the Ferrari 458 Speciale

Think the 458 Italia couldn't get any better? Just wait.

It’s got more attitude, more styling, more power and, really, more of everything. Compared to the Ferrari 458 Italia, the 458 Speciale isn’t just a clever name. Ferrari has managed to make an incredible supercar even better. So just how good is it? For starters, it’s faster around Ferrari’s own Fiorano test track than the beloved Enzo and the 599 GTO by at least 1.5 seconds. Sweet. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, in the neighborhood of $288,000, if not a bit more.

But you’ve got to remember one very important thing: it may turn out to be the final hurrah for Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V8.Turbocharging is coming. In the meantime, check out Evo’s day at the track with the 458 Speciale. That engine note can be summed up in one word: glorious.

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