Onboard A Flame-Spitting Ferrari F40 With Tubi Style Exhaust

The F40 is just one of those cars you'll never get tired of hearing.

Nothing sounds quite like a V8, although the high-revving turbocharged Ferrari V8 found in the F40 is in a special subcategory of V8s all by itself. And this is part of what made the F40 such an amazing car. It was obviously a technological marvel, enough of one to make it the fastest production car in the world at the time, but all of this technology in no way hampered the hard-edged visceral joy of the machine, which still stands up today.

So we found a video of an F40 with a free-flowing exhaust being driven hard, and it is wonderful. As a bonus, there is a second camera on the back bumper to catch the exhaust shooting flames, always a good time.

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