Onboard the Ferrari FXX Evolution with a Track Full Of Ferraris

Some quite rare footage from an amazingly rare car.

These days, it seems as though everybody who takes their car to a track day ends up posting a video of it to YouTube. We attempt to wade through all of these to bring you the most exciting examples, and every so often we stumble upon or are given something as amazing as this. It is an onboard shot by Marchettino, from the Ferrari FXX Evolution on the track at Mugello, shot as it goes screaming past several other prancing horses at the Ferrari World Finals event.

This is, according to Ferrari, the fastest non-racecar they’ve ever produced, although that’s a kind of an odd statement. The car is certainly based on a street-legal road car, but it is not exactly a road car in itself. In any case, it’s fast as hell.

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