One Car To Rule Them All: BMW M2 Vs. BMW M4 Vs. Porsche 718 Boxster Lap Time Battle

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Which will post the fastest lap time?

You can't really go wrong choosing any of the cars in this track battle. But for those of you who want the absolute fastest, meanest performance car of the three this test conducted by Motorsport Magazine will help make your purchasing decision dead simple. Motorsport takes us on onboard for a full lap behind the wheel of the M2 on the Nevers Magny-Cours Club test track. The time is then compared to that of the M4 and 718 Boxster to see which car truly rules them all.

The result is what we would expect, really. On a shorter, more handling-focused track like the one used in the video, the 718 Boxster S is the fastest, followed by the M2 and the M4. And as we know already, all three are faster than the vaunted 1M. Check out the full video below!

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