One Cup Of Coffee Got This Guy A Free Ferrari Test Drive

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Cars and coffee now has a whole new meaning.

We love a good cup of coffee. In fact, heavy doses of caffeine are partially responsible for this article. However, even as coffee lovers, it seems as if we may have underestimated the real value of a good cup of joe. Thankfully, the guy in this video has revealed the true worth of the stuff. A simple cup of coffee gifted to a stranger who owned a Ferrari F430 yielded a free test drive of the owner's car. And not just an ordinary test drive. This guy really got to pound the gas in the supercar and even managed to get in a good highway run in race mode.

To top it all off, the test driver is an American, but speaks in fluent Japanese throughout the entire clip. Needless to say, we are impressed with this dude's linguistic abilities and negotiation skills. Oh yeah, and the test drive is pretty damn sweet too. Check it out.

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