One-Day-Old Ferrari 488 Pista Has Embarrassing Crash

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The humiliating crash was caught on camera.

We've seen this story play out so many times in the past that it's now almost expected. It goes a little something like this. An owner takes delivery of an exceptionally powerful supercar and promptly crashes it before taking time to acclimatize to what a surplus of horsepower can do if you aren't careful. Well, it's happened again.

In the latest embarrassing crash, a Ferrari 488 Pista was badly damaged when the driver lost control on a road in the Netherlands. With 710 hp from its 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8, it's no surprise that the 488 Pista is a dangerous weapon if not approached with some level of caution.


Adding salt to the wound is the fact that the Pista in question was just a day old at the time of the crash. In the video, the driver can be heard downshifting and getting ready for what should have been a satisfying blast past slower traffic. However, the driver almost immediately loses control of the rear-wheel-drive 488 and, in an effort to get back to a neutral balance once the car begins to slide, ends up making a mess of it.

At this point, the Ferrari veers off the road and smashes into a fence. Based on this unfortunate incident, it appears that the driver unwisely decided to deactivate the car's safety systems, something only recommended in more controlled environments.


The crash is a reminder of why several manufacturers of high-performance cars offer advanced driving lessons. For instance, BMW allows you to spec its M Driver's Package on some M models like the new M3. The package includes a high-performance driving class at one of the company's performance centers and a raised top speed limiter. More importantly, it's an opportunity for new owners to understand the limits of both their own driving skills and align those with the car's capabilities. There are numerous track day events that even owners of cheaper performance cars can attend as a means of honing their driving skills. Unfortunately for this 488 Pista driver, an important lesson was learnt the hard way.

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