One Guy Bought All Four Aston Martin Vanquish Zagatos

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Why get just one if you can have the whole quartet?

Before Aston Martin retires the Vanquish and replaces it with the new DBS Superleggera, the company's doing one last run of special editions with Zagato. An entire family of them, in fact, and we'd count ourselves supremely fortunate for the chance to drive (let alone own) any one of them.

But one customer hasn't just bought one. He's bought one of each of the four versions offered. In the same configuration. And he sent his friend, the YouTube video host known as Mr. JWW, down to the factory in Gaydon to capture them all on film before they're delivered.

The latest product of Aston's longstanding relationship with the Italian design house, the Vanquish Zagato series was offered in four body-styles: fixed-roof coupe, convertible Volante, completely open Speedster, and extended-roof Shooting Brake. The British automaker is offering just 99 examples of each – save for the Speedster, of which only 28 are being made.

That leaves these as rather rare specimens, and the buyer – a Scottish gentleman named Dylan – ordered one of each in the same combination of Lava Red with gold accents in which the concepts were first showcased at Villa d'Este. (And he has a Valkyrie on order, too.)

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An interesting tidbit of information to have come from this video: while the three initial versions were all built atop the same platform, the Shooting Brake was actually something of a Frankenstein creation, riding on a longer wheelbase with the rear end of the four-door Rapide bolted on. That required extensive re-engineering, and even another round of crash testing – all for less than a hundred units. And glad we are that Aston saw fit to put in the work. See for yourself in the 18-minute video above, because you're not likely to ever see them all in one place again.

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