One In Five Americans Say They Would Buy An EV As Their Next Car

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That's why manufacturers are pushing for more EVs.

Electric vehicles are slowly gaining popularity in markets around the world. Many automakers are set to release new EVs, which will give consumers more options than the current industry leader, Tesla. Tesla has brought EVs to mainstream consumers, and the appeal of a fully-electric car is far more widely accepted. In fact, Ray Prince of Hybrid Cars reports that 20% of Americans are likely to purchase an EV as their next car. This according to a study conducted by the American Automotive Association (AAA).


The survey results represent a 15% increase in consumer sentiment towards EVs compared to 2017. EV models have lower average ownership costs, and the latests EVs have longer ranges and better safety features. In 2018, one in five Americans would consider buying an EV, up from just one in 20 back in 2017. "Today, electric vehicles have mainstream appeal," said Greg Brannon, AAA's director of automotive engineering. "While concern for the environment is still a major motivator, AAA found US drivers are also attracted to the lower long-term costs and advanced technology features that many of these vehicles offer."

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With growing acceptance of EVs, it's no wonder why so many automakers are pushing for fully-electric models. In the coming years, we will see a growing shift towards electrification as automakers start to phase out internal combustion.


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