One Killer Cat - Startech Jaguar XJ on HREs by TAG Motorsports

A tuned Jaguar gets a new set of shoes.

Startech tuned the Jaguar XJ last year, the end product of which was featured here on CarBuzz. Apparently the owner wasn't completely satisfied with his British sedan and took the Bad Cat to the crew over at TAG Motorsports in California for a fitting of some new shoes. The Startech Jaguar XJ features a redesigned front-end with integrated LED daytime running lights, new side skirts, illuminated door sills, rear bumper with integrated exhaust tips and a trunk-lid spoiler.

TAG has added a set of big 21-inch HRE P93L wheels finished in gloss black and wrapped in Pirelli PZero Nero rubbers. TAG Motorsports has dubbed the Startech Jaguar XJ on HRE Wheels "The Black Cat," and after one glance it's easy to see why. The highly-customized British model looks brilliant in its probable final guise. Check it out in the pics below.

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